Corporate Health Checks

corporate health checks Auckland

Corporate health checks Auckland have gone past the first line of insurance companies and into the mainstream business sector. This is due to the fact that the risk associated with employing staff who are not adequately covered is just too great, and when you add that to the overall salary package of the company, it is clear why many employers are simply not prepared to take that risk. However, if you were to run a health and safety audit of the company, you would discover one common thread in all the companies for which we conduct corporate health checks…they are not doing it as well as they should be. If your company did not consistently maintain good health and safety at work, then you may be liable for compensation.

The Importance Of Health And Safety In The Workplace

Health and safety audits are conducted because of two main reasons; to identify areas that require improvement and to ensure compliance of company policies. If your company has a high number of employees, it is essential to ensure that they are properly safeguarded against exposure to risk, and that means having a professional health and safety consultant to conduct health checks regularly. When you conduct an audit, you will discover one common thread – poor maintenance of facilities by management. You will also find that the vast majority of the companies for which we conduct health and safety audits have not been properly compliant with their health and safety policies, and this can easily be rectified. You can improve your company’s safety performance by following the health and safety guidelines that your company implements, by making sure your staff understand what hazards there are around the work area, and by adhering to the health and safety legislation.

All businesses must comply with the Health and Safety legislation. Failure to do so results in fines, penalties and even loss of licence, so the bottom line is that you have to ensure your company is in compliance. Corporate health checks are an effective way to achieve this, as they allow you to identify and eliminate risks from your workplace. There is no point in introducing health and safety policies or guidelines if your company is still not using them!

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