360 Degree Sports Coverage

Sports Coverage

360 Degree Sports Coverage the promise of putting fans right in the middle of the sporting action, be it standing on the 50-yard line, sitting ringside or standing behind home plate as the umpire calls strikes. But it won’t happen overnight. TV wasn’t born in a day, after all, and it’ll take time for producers to figure out the best camera angles, instant replays and graphics to deliver on VR’s potential.

360 Degree Sports Coverage

Intel’s ‘freeD’ technology is a game-changer in this area. It uses 28 high-definition cameras stationed at multiple points in a stadium to capture 360-degree footage that can be edited into zoomable 3D clips. These can be slowed down for precise analysis of an athlete’s performance or the accuracy of a ref call.

BT Sport has partnered with a Dutch tech company called Tiledmedia to offer its BT Sport subscribers a virtual reality 8K experience via the BT Sport app on iOS and Android phones without having to buy a VR headset or new hardware. The “Magic Window” app allows subscribers to watch the linear game inside a virtual Jumbotron screen or choose from multiple 8K 360 feeds and look around by moving their phone.

This exploratory research involves the production and testing of a 360-degree video prototype aiming to provide an alternative framing of Paralympic athletes’ training universe exemplified by wheelchair basketball. The prototype was evaluated by participants using a Samsung Gear VR headset and an Android smartphone.