vintage range rover defender

Few vehicles summon up the sort of romance and nostalgia that the boxy, burly vintage range rover defender does. It’s a rugged off-roader that stands for freedom and independence, but one that’s also an exclusive luxury vehicle in the United States.

There aren’t many old Defenders for sale in America, and they tend to be in mediocre condition. Even high-mileage ones that are in decent condition often command hefty pricetags compared to more modern Land Rovers, Toyotas or Jeeps, which deliver refinement and more power than the Defender.

The latest attempt to capture the niche Defender market comes from Maxwell Automotive, a British car dealer that specializes in classic vehicles. It’s releasing a 25-vehicle run of retro Defender Works V8 Trophy models, two-door (90) and four-door (110) versions.

Each will be a custard yellow color scheme that’s reminiscent of the Camel Trophy entries Land Rover supplied to the event during the 1980s and 1990s. In addition to an array of extras, such as a roll cage and underbody protection, they will all come with eight-speed automatic transmissions and leather interiors.

Restoring a Vintage Land Rover Defender: Challenges, Rewards, and Tips

He hopes the new Defenders will appeal to not only lifelong Defender fans, but also those looking for a unique, exclusive luxury adventure experience associated with 4x4s. For about $270,000, buyers will get an authentic Defender based on the model that was produced from 1983-1990.

The company’s owner, Niels Van Roij, says his goal is to make each client’s vehicle personal and suited to their specific needs. He starts by outfitting the Defender with a few basic upgrades, such as disc brakes and an upgraded stereo, and then builds on these elements to customize the overall feel of the vehicle.

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