Galena Illinois is a quaint little town in northwest Illinois recognized for its beautiful, well-preceded Victorian buildings such as the 18 26th century Dowling House. The Italianate Ulysses S. Grant House was built by an act of Congress, hence its official name, as a house belonging to General Ulysses S. Grant. The old Town Hall has been converted into a museum. Horseshoe Mound, by the way, is the oldest building in town. Click here –

Galena Illinois Businesses Needed

Galena is one of several Illinois towns considered an area around Fort Prairie, the former capital of the state. The area around Fort Prairie is rich in cultural heritage and historical significance, so it’s no surprise that tourists often find themselves drawn to this little town. Others may opt for the nearby apple orchards or take a trip to Wabash National Historic Site. There are a couple of bed and breakfasts and inns located close to downtown, as well as antique stores and galleries. Galena’s downtown area is lined with quaint restaurants. The local music scene features bands like Jack O’Lantern and Jack White performing throughout the year.

One of the best things to do in Galena is to go on a nature trail. This will show you where the forest meets the earth. Hikers can find a nice hiking trail leading to beautiful groves of wildflowers and other plants. At one point, you will even see a herd of elk.

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