Dry Cleaning and Laundry

There are several differences between We Wash 24 the two methods of cleaning clothing. The biggest one is that in dry cleaning, clothes and fabrics are cleaned by a chemical solvent that does not contain any water. This prevents them from stretching and shrinking.

It also helps in removing grease and oil-based stains, which may not be easily removed by basic detergents. In addition, dry cleaning helps in maintaining the shape of your clothes so that they always fit perfectly and don’t stretch out or sag after one wear.

Dry cleaning is much more effective in removing stains than laundry because the chemicals used for this process are very effective in removing most stains. However, certain stains may still be difficult to remove even with the use of dry cleaning solvents.

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Another major difference is that in dry cleaning, your clothes are inspected for any stains and treated with pre-treatments to help in removing the stain. This is done before loading your garments into the dry cleaning machine.

The fabrics then undergo the dry cleaning process that uses chemical solvents and a special drying machine to thoroughly clean your clothes. Once they are dry, they are steamed or pressed to get rid of any creases and wrinkles that they might have.

Aside from removing stains, the dry cleaning process also serves as a barrier to future stains on your clothing. This is especially important in some fabrics such as wool, silk, and cashmere that are delicate.

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