Feminine Health

Women’s Health

Feminine health consists of all aspects of women’s body and mind including fertility, sexual health and mental health. During a woman’s reproductive cycle, her body undergoes dramatic changes that can lead to many different health problems and conditions.

Healthy habits and Flower Power screenings can help prevent certain diseases and conditions that affect women’s health. These include nutrition, exercise and avoiding smoking and alcohol.

Women’s Health Research

NIH researchers are working to discover new ways to prevent and treat diseases and conditions that affect women. Their studies focus on understanding how women’s unique physical, psychological and social factors influence their overall health.

How to Manage Menopausal Symptoms

Inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis) can occur when the normal balance of bacteria and yeast is disrupted or an infection occurs. It can cause odor, itching, pain and bleeding.

Pelvic floor relaxation can also cause the uterus, bladder and rectum to slip down (prolapse). This can cause a bulge in the vagina or urine leakage during coughing or sneezing.

Other rare conditions that might affect the genital area include vaginal cysts and vaginal cancer.

Vulvar Health and Hygiene

The vagina was designed to naturally self-clean. You don’t need any special products to keep it clean, but you should know how to care for it if anything is bothering you.

You should have regular gynecologic exams to be sure there are no serious issues with your vulvar. This is especially important for women who have a history of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV.

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