furaneol vape

Furaneol vape is a popular activity amongst Canadians and it is estimated that there are 1.5 million active vapers in Canada. Flavored e-liquids (fondly known as ‘vape juice’) are the main fuel of the vaporising device called an electronic cigarette (EC). Currently, only four ingredients are present in e-liquids: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings and nicotine. The e-liquid contains these ingredients, heated by the atomizer and a metal coil, to produce the aerosol that is inhaled. The flavourings are used to make the vapor taste as desired and there are a huge variety of available flavours. Many e-liquids have a high concentration of vegetable glycerin to allow for the creation of thick clouds that can be seen when the vaporiser is used in public.

Furaneol Vape: A Sweet Sensation Unveiled

E-liquids are sold in bottles to be filled into e-cigarettes and pods or as pre-filled e-cigarettes. Currently, no country requires e-liquid manufacturers to list their ingredients. However, Health Canada has signalled that it may develop reporting regulations in winter 2022.

In a study of a sampling of 150 sweet-flavored e-liquids, the synthesized furaneol was found to be highly toxic to conducting airway epithelial cells at high concentrations. This is an important finding because of the recent outbreak of bronchiolitis obliterans in microwave popcorn plant workers, which was attributed to the inhalation of artificial butter flavoring component diacetyl.

It is worth noting that furaneol and cinnamaldehyde are both highly toxic to lungs when inhaled and the use of both was banned by New Zealand as part of its Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Regulations 2021. The results from the chemistry screens in this study show that high-throughput chemical screening and mechanistic understanding can be used to identify potentially dangerous chemicals in e-liquids.

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