Historical Foundation repair service

Whether you own a historic home or commercial structure, repairing any issues with your foundation can add significant value to the property. Even minor problems, like cracks in the walls and floors, can reduce the overall property value if left untreated. Check this out: https://fcsfoundationandconcrete.com/pier-and-beam-foundation-repair/

A properly repaired foundation can prevent further structural damage, protect against safety hazards, and prevent the spread of water intrusion into other parts of your home or building. It can also reduce the risk of foundation collapse, which is one of the most serious and costly issues a homeowner can face.

Digging Deeper: Archaeological Insights in Historical Foundation Repair

The best way to protect your investment is by hiring a company with extensive experience in historic foundation repair service. Before you hire a company, make sure it is licensed to work in your state. Michigan foundation repair companies need to have either a Residential Builder license or a Residential Maintenance and alteration Contractor license to do business in the state. You can find this information by visiting the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website or asking the team at the company about their licensing history.

Older homes often use a foundation that’s raised above ground level rather than a slab-on-grade foundation. Because these homes were built before concrete became more affordable in the 20th century, they’re susceptible to settling and soil movement over time. Typically, the structural integrity of these homes is held by “skin friction” — which is created when the brick foundation walls adhere to the dirt around them.

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