During the hot summer season, one of the most popular desserts in South Korea is mango bingsu. This delicious fruit is combined with ice shavings, ice cream, sweet red bean paste, and condensed milk. It’s a tasty treat that can be made at home.

What does bingsu taste like?

A typical bowl of Mango Bingsu costs around SGD50 in 5-star hotels. It can also be bought in Korean bakeries. But you can make it at home in no time.

First, you need to prepare your ingredients. You can buy mangoes at a local grocery store. Cut the fruit into cubes. You can also use frozen mangoes, but fresh is better. You’ll need a little bit of sugar and water to combine them.

Next, you need to put the mango compote in a container. Store it in the refrigerator. When it’s ready to serve, pour it over the bingsu. It’s a thick compote with chunks of mangoes.

The shaved ice is then placed on top. You can also add toppings. There are a variety of options, including cookies, berries, condensed milk, and groundnut powder.

You can make a shaved ice flavored with mango by mixing it with a few tablespoons of frosting. Then, you can freeze the mixture overnight. The next morning, you can add the shaved ice to a large bowl. Then, you can feed it through an ice shaver. The result will be a smooth texture.

Mango bingsu can be found in a variety of restaurants and Korean bakeries. You can also purchase it in Chinese restaurants. It is also available in North America.

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