Game cheats website are a great way to give yourself a significant advantage in a video game. They can help you get through a hard level or complete a difficult quest. But if you use these codes too often, it may spoil the game experience for others. It may also be illegal depending on the terms of service and could result in a fine or jail time.

The first step in using a cheats website is to open the program and select a game from the list. The game must be a single-player, non-multiplayer online or server-based game. Then, click the computer-shaped icon in the top-left corner of the Cheat Engine window. This opens a window that shows all the processes currently running on your computer. Select your game’s name in the list, and then click the button that looks like an address list at the bottom of the window.

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Next, you can start scanning for values by clicking the “Scan type” field in the left pane of the screen and selecting Increased value or Decreased value. Repeat this process until you have 4 or fewer values. You can also add a number manually by clicking the “Add address manually” box. This opens a box that looks similar to the “Change address” field at the bottom of the window, but it allows you to enter a pointer.

Mega Games is another short game cheats website that offers a number of downloads including patches, trainers, mods, demos and emulators. It covers all gaming platforms though it focuses more on PC and console games. It also helps gamers with a question and answer section and provides game walkthroughs as well as wallpapers.

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