Baby Fox

Baby Foxes belong to the small dog family called Canidae. A female white fox is known as a vixen, a male white-tailed fox is known as a foxhound or a shag, while baby white-tailed foxes or puppy kits are known as kits, cubs, or kittens. The word “fox” actually refers to the long fur and dark-colored coat most baby foxes have. Although they look like tiny foxes, they are actually nocturnal hunters that use night vision to catch their prey. Because of this, Foxes live in remote areas with low human activity.

How to know Information Regarding the Baby Fox

While it is common to find both adult Foxes and baby fox, they usually have very different personalities. In fact, the pups are so far from their mother’s teat and they do not feed or play with their littermates until they are eight weeks old. Until then, they take care of their young by themselves. In fact, they need a lot of care, especially during the first two months of their lives. Foxes will keep their young pups in deep burrows in the mountains or in trees to protect them until they are able to fend for themselves and get older.

Some Foxes give birth to several kits at one time while others only have one litter. It is not uncommon for a single kit to appear sickly during the entire year because of a serious disease or infection. A sick baby will cry or whine for long periods of time and may also wet their mouth repeatedly. This may be due to an internal infection or to stomach cramps. Usually, if a baby stays in a den for the winter, it will go through the cycle again in the following year.

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