low-grade fever constipation toddlers can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms, such as pain and infrequent bowel movements. Fortunately, most of these problems are easily treated by making slight diet and water intake changes. However, there are certain symptoms that should prompt parents to take their children to a medical professional to ensure nothing more serious is occurring. One of these is a low grade fever, which may be caused by constipation.

Fever and Constipation in Toddlers

While there is no direct cause-and-effect relationship between fever and constipation, it is possible that a child’s constipation can lead to a higher body temperature. This is because the strain and discomfort of a build-up of stool in the intestines can cause an increase in body heat.

Additionally, a child’s fever may be caused by inflammation or infection related to constipation. For example, a child with vesicoureteral reflux may be more likely to develop a breakthrough infection when they are constipated.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent constipation in toddlers is by ensuring that they have enough fiber and fluids in their diet. Encourage them to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Limit their intake of processed foods and sugary drinks, and make sure they are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. It is also important to promote regular physical activity and establish a consistent toileting routine.

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