Almost everyone dates online now, and the process is not that different from in-person dating. However, there are a few things you should know to make your experience smoother and more successful.Check this out:

Start With the Right Profile

While it might seem tempting to use a photo that’s too revealing or to play the “fish pic” game, doing so can quickly send your match a signal that you’re not interested in a serious relationship. Instead, try a flattering selfie or even a more natural-looking shot that reflects the real you.

Choose a Dating App That Fits You

While there is certainly a culture around each of the online dating platforms, it’s important to consider which one best fits your needs and preferences. For example, if you want a long-term relationship, you may have better luck on a site that emphasizes compatibility like EliteSingles. You should also avoid matching with someone who is incompatible. Not only can it be emotionally draining to date people who aren’t a good match for you, but it can also waste your time if they’re not a good match for your goals at all.

Be Aware of Online Scams

When it comes to online safety, the basics are always important. Make sure your profile contains a clear and detailed picture of yourself, and that any questions or messages are engaging (and not copy-pasted). Finally, never send money — even if a match seems desperate.

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