The story of Puravankara Plots Bangalore is set in ancient time around the yearNKAD 1495. In this story one of the main characters Shikara, a merchant tries to make a profit from his share in the gold mining. The goldmine has not only given him great profits he has also created a lot of loyal followers who have come to rely on him for all that they need.

Puravankara Plots – A Scenic View of Bangalore

However, a tragic event has befallen Shikara and his wealth and power has been stolen by a dacoit named Vasudev. He has taken control of the government and has made Shikara his new adviser. The story revolves around the dacoit manipulating Shikara, using his wealth and contacts to get what he wants. To make matters worse, he has framed his death as a suicide so that when the king sends his son to investigate the matter, he cannot find any evidence to back his claim. With all this going for him, it becomes increasingly difficult for Shikara to maintain the respect and trust of the people, especially after he discovers that he was being controlled by a greedy and ambitious dacoit.

The novel gradually develops with gradual insights into the motives of both the characters and the antagonist, providing an insight into the politics at play in India at that time. It is this plot that adds a human element to the otherwise purely fictional story. The characters themselves develop a strong desire to get the task done, even though they do not know how or why. It is this lack of comprehension that makes the story so appealing to the reader.

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