Aluminium and steel are good choices for quality aluminium garden edging because they are long lasting and strong, and if you take good care of them, they can last for a long time. There is a great debate about which is better – steel or aluminium? In this article I’m going to briefly explain the differences between these two, and explain why they are both so popular.

Aluminium Garden Edging

Steel is definitely the winner when it comes to durability, but it does have some down sides too, such as how noisy it can be, and its tendency to rust (so you need to repaint it a little more often). However, steel does have some nice designer qualities too, such as the attractive ‘antenna’ shapes that you can get. Aluminium on the other hand, although very lightweight, can be made incredibly strong, with a huge lifespan even when left alone. You can buy it almost anywhere these days (from DIY stores to major retailers), and the range of styles is pretty amazing too.

I personally prefer aluminium because it is so much cheaper than steel, yet just as strong. I think in the long run, spending a few extra pounds on a good quality piece of garden edging will be well worth it, because you will always have extra steel or aluminium in the future, and if anything needs replacing, you won’t have to break the bank doing it. Garden fence is made from aluminium, usually with a steel edge, and that is how most of us in the UK get our gardens edged out! I am a keen gardener and have a large garden that stretches across the back of my property. For that reason I have to make sure that I keep the edges in shape, and this means that I have spent thousands of pounds buying different types of garden edging over the years.

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