The Romanian Embassy in France has defended the right of Romanians to work in France. Its labor minister says that the country has a strong economy and a need for seasonal workers. But he warns that the country’s political situation makes it difficult for Romanians to work in France. The Romanian ambassador to Germany has defended the right of the state to hire Romanians, saying that the current economic crisis has made it necessary to hire foreigners. Source –

How To Improve At Romanian Workers In France

The new French government has recently passed new legislation to help Romanian and Bulgarian workers find jobs in France. Critics say the new government is following former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s policies of dismantling camps and arbitrary expulsions. But the government has brushed off criticism and has vowed to do more for Roma in France. They also have plans to close illegal Roma camps. However, there are concerns about the future of their children.

The government plans to lift working restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian nationals in France, giving them legal status. According to the French press, Prime Minister Manuel Valls says that giving Romanian workers work rights is “one of the possible solutions” to the problems of the migrant community. However, the new policy of detention may not work well in the long run and will cause an impact on their browsing experience. The government will also make it more difficult for Roma to integrate in the French labor market if the restrictions remain.

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