vision insurance is a type of health care that helps cover the cost of eye exams, contact lenses, and frames. It works much like other types of insurance, with monthly or annual premiums and deductibles. There are a lot of different vision insurance plans out there, and the costs can vary based on coverage, network, and other factors. Before selecting a vision plan, consider the needs of your individual situation and budget. For instance, many vision plans offer different frame and lens allowances, which can help reduce your overall costs.

While most vision insurance plans require a copay for an exam, they typically cover a portion of the cost of a new pair of lenses or frames. Some vision plans also provide an allowance for other services, such as progressive upgrades or light-to-dark tinting. In addition, some vision insurance providers have networks that include major retailers such as Sears Optical and LensCrafters.

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A popular vision insurance option is VSP, which offers a wide variety of affordable plans with straightforward benefits. These plans tend to have lower monthly premiums than some other options, and they offer exclusive member extras to help you save on additional products or services. In addition, VSP has a large network of 23,000 locations and offers multiple plan options to meet a range of individual needs. For example, their most comprehensive plan, EyeMed Bright, is ideal for families seeking a wider range of benefits. This includes more generous frame and lens allowances and an expanded selection of discounts.

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