Computer Technicians install, repair and maintain computer hardware and software systems. They also provide technical support to users for resolving issues and optimizing systems. Computer technicians can work for a wide range of companies and industries, but most are employed by IT service providers or directly by larger businesses that have their own IT departments. They may be asked to perform on-call duties or regularly visit clients’ offices in order to help them set up networks and troubleshoot computer problems. Our hard drive crashed and we thought we lost everything, but they recovered it all!

What is the scope of computer system technician?

Those who work for IT service providers must juggle multiple client accounts. They must address problems reported by customers over the phone, via email or through a chat system. They must also perform site visits and interact with employees in client offices to answer questions, assist with hardware or software installation and help set up new equipment.

Because they often deal with customer issues, computer technicians must be patient and empathetic. They may be responsible for addressing problems with hard drives, memory capacity or other hardware components that are not functioning properly. In addition to repairing and installing new components, these professionals must test the performance of computer systems with software diagnostic packages. They must also evaluate and offer suggestions for hardware or software standardization. They must also work with the vendors of hardware and software to ensure that all upgrades are installed according to schedule. These professionals are also responsible for logging and documenting problems and preparing technical documents.

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